If Leo doesn’t get an Oscar, I will cry for him

The Revenant movie poster (flickr/wolf gang)

The Revenant came out a few weeks ago and I had the pleasure to view it. It is a super intense movie that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a roller coaster of emotions from bears flinging the main character around to people dying to revenge and even more death (if that’s a spoiler, I’m sorry).

Brandon Schmitz, a blogger for the O’Colly, agrees when I say that this is probably DiCaprios best role in any film. The majority of the time he uses his face as his way of communicating the emotions he’s feeling because of the lack of people to talk with on screen. You can see the betrayal, the depression, the fire in his eyes.

It’s a wonderfully made story about the American Frontier and revenge. It’s definitely a must-see.


Author: maddysjones

Junior Strategic Communications major at Oklahoma State University Blogger/Reporter for the O'Colly Aspiring writer and photographer

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