MC 2023

The government shouldn’t have a say in what I do with my body

Placard from a Planned Parenthood Rally in New York City (flickr/ women’s enews)

If I want to have an abortion than it should be allowed. This is America: the land of the free! Freedom is our motto yet the government that gladly proclaims how free we are is trying to tell us that we actually do not have full control over our own bodies. Oklahoma citizens, like Thomas Hunter, believe that the right for women to do what they want should be denied, which is ludicrous. It would be slightly different if a woman spoke out and made the petition to make abortions and various contraceptives illegal because a woman would know a little more about the female body.

man knows nothing and cannot relate to what a woman would feel or go through.  They call it unconstitutional to deny a woman the right to her own body and that’s very true, The United States of America was made for the freedom of people in every aspect. Why can’t I have the choice of ruining my life for 18+ years or saving it until I’m actually ready to have a child?

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