Muskogee Carnival was lit (beautifully) tonight

I’m originally from Muskogee, Okla. Since this is Easter weekend I went home to be with my family, lo and behold it is also the city carnival this week. My mother treated me, my little sister and my friend to it, and I captured a few moments of excitement and lightning.

I spend most of my time in my college town of Stillwater, Okla. I try and make it home once a month and to spend time with my 5-year-old sister, my 3-year-old brother and my parents. When I went to the carnival tonight I remembered why I don’t come home often. It’s not a college town, it’s full of gangs, teenagers and over-privileged kids that think they own everything; come to think of it it does sound like a college town.

It’s always fun going home; it’s familiar and it’s fun seeing the city grow and the demographic change.



10 ways to revamp your dorm room

There are endless possibilities for how you can decorate your dorm room, even if it’s tiny. It can brighten up the place and help cure homesickness.

Source: 10 ways to revamp your dorm room

What do the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Teen Wolf Have in common?

The Walking Dead season 5 trailer shot (flickr/Casey Florig)


They kill off main characters.

When Allison died it was a sad and touching moment, only reading the interviews afterwards was like eating ice cream after a breakup to fill the gaping hole it left your heart. Jon Snow was another memorable death, even though he’s coming back (apparently), it was a depressing scene when the Nights Watch took turn after turn stabbing him, I was yelling at the TV and I’m not going to lie I might have shed a few tears.

Don’t even get me started on the Walking Dead. It’s currently one of my favorite shows and the show runners just love killing off those we care for. I was browsing Vanity Fair and I saw an article over Daredevil and the Walking Dead. It was comparing each show and how TWD kill off main people while Daredevil makes it very obvious that when do they kill someone off they’ll be back. As soon as I read the first sentence of the article I knew I didn’t want to be spoiled so I quickly watch the two recent episodes I missed and then I continued to read on. I’ve only seen season one of Daredevil so knowing that big of a plot twist isn’t that big of a deal especially when I know the dead character will be back.

If you’re not addicted to or even slightly infatuated with one of (or all of) these shows please give them a chance, they kill because they care.

Feminism hits Hollywood again

(flickr/ April Spreeman)

Those like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Amy Adams are standing up to feminism in Hollywood. Those who don’t know the dictionary definition of the word feminist: advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. There is nothing wrong with the word feminist or calling yourself a feminist; unless you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate women and what they have to add to society. 

Feminism isn’t bad. We need it; of course I’m being biased because I am a woman. Equality for all sexes should be a human right, women shouldn’t be put down for wanting to achieve as much as men do and to be able to provide for their family as much as a man is able to.

Feminism, in this day-in-age, is a societal change that needs to be adopted.