The Beyhive is buzzing over new “Lemonade” teasers

Juicing lemons into lemonade (flickr/ Rob Bertholf)

I may not be a hardcore fan of Beyonce but I do love her music, her passion, and her outlook on life. She’s a wonderful voice for feminism and women in general, and she’s bringing us (girls) out of our cage. wrote an article about everything she’s been releasing about “Lemonade,” what it is is still a question but no matter what it’s going to be fabulous.  A favorable twitter account (@TheBeyhiveTeam) provokes the thoughts of an album movie (she made a music video for every song on her previous self-titled album), a new “Formation” video edit as well as a new album.

If this album is anything like “Formation” I will scream. Hopefully it will be released before the drive back home after finals.

What do you think “Lemonade” is? Are you hyped for Queen Bey’s new album?


Author: maddysjones

Junior Strategic Communications major at Oklahoma State University Blogger/Reporter for the O'Colly Aspiring writer and photographer

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