Lemonade. That’s it.

“I was served lemons and I made lemonade,” Hattie White (Rob Bertholf/ Flickr)

We know what lemonade is and what it implies. But what about the real implications? Is Queen Bey singing from the heart and past events or is she creating her own trials and misdeeds for the sake of a good album? She wouldn’t be lying to us at all if she was making this up, she would be an artist telling a story through the medium she likes best and we, as the audience, are could be taking it out of proportion.

The album and visual album are beautiful works of art. The songs tell a story that people, normal people, can relate to. The filmography is incredible, anyone that’s seen it must have watched it multiple times because it’s beautiful and the poetry separating scenes will never get old.

Cheers to Queen Bey slaying us again.



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