You know that feeling when you’re finally ready to buy something after much consideration?

(India7 Network/ Flickr)

Yeah, me too. I just spent at least two weeks trying to pick out a bathing suit (and of course other articles of clothing that I don’t want to live without) and I was ready to purchase them. As I was going through my shopping cart one last time I thought that I was making a wonderful choice; two bathing suits, a romper and a new sweatshirt that was too cute to pass up (it was also on sale).

I press the “purchase” button and it takes me to a site maintenance page and I cried inside a little bit. I reloaded the page (thus emptying my cart) and still nothing. Now I’m going to sit here until the page loads and I can buy these items without hesitation.

I want/ need new clothes and I will get them.

Cheers to the ones who sit in silence during website page maintenance.


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