4th of July

fireworks 2015 w logo
Fireworks bursting (via Maddy S. Jones photography)

Today is America’s Independence day and a cause for rednecks, and the like, to blow stuff up. I, for one, love shooting fireworks and I enjoy the camaraderie that this day brings.

My family has lived in the same place for over ten years now (which is pretty good for us) and  for the past couple years we’ve finally been one of the lucky ones to be invited to a 4th of July Shindig.

It’s great fun; food, fireworks, kids trying to be cool with fireworks. It’s a blast to sit in a lawn chair and look up at the night sky and see what’s new in the world of fireworks.

The sound, the colors and the reverberations in my heart always leave me wanting more and I’m sad when another “America Day” is over. I’m also sad because I’ll have to wait another year to take pictures of fireworks. Actually, that’s how I got into photography.

This time last year I grabbed my parents’ old Konica digital camera and I shot some really nice firework pictures and since then I bought a Nikon D3200 and I’ve had a few shoots with people and I’ve shot a bunch of events for the O’Colly and APO (my service organization at OSU).

I hope your day is as special as mine! Happy Fourth of July!


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