Black nail polish: empowering or unbecoming?

Black nail polish (flickr/ ProcrastinatingPolishr)

Black nail polish has been popular since Lauren Conrad circa 2006 and that still inspires girls in their twenties today.

To some it adds a bit of badassery and it makes them feel cool and put together while for others, it’s simply a fashion statement that looks good with their skin tone (darker colored nail polish look great on both tanned skin and pale skin).

When I asked fellow college students their reason for wearing darker colors (specifically black) they all answered the same: it looks good. I wanted to dig a little deeper and I found that the real reason they choose these colors is because they feel empowered by the black nail. Also, no one said anything against black nail polish or darker colors, they all enjoyed them and used them in a basic rotation.

It’s almost a taboo, because girls are “supposed” to have girly nails with the colors pink, red, purple and baby blue being just a select few of the stereotypical shades. Black nails, though in style now, are different and they’re noticeable even if you don’t intentionally show them off. Black nail polish also hides some impurities our nails might have and they can elongate your fingers and make them look even more feminine.

This gives #blackpower a whole new meaning.

What do you think of black nail polish? Is it empowering for women to wear it or is it an unbecoming trend that needs to be forgotten?


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