Freckle-mania // Have fake freckles made a comeback?

Freckles (flickr/ Anastasia Massone)

Freckles, angel kisses, beauty marks, whatever you choose to call them; are making a giant come back.

They’ve always been a way for women to age themselves down and to look more girlish rather than cougarish. It’s a makeup effect that still works for some and still shocks others.

Kylie Jenner shared a photo the other day (like forever ago) and she showed off her natural freckles and (probably) thousands, if not millions, of her fans decided then and there that they were going to become part of the Freckle Squad.

Freckles do add a touch of sun and the outdoors as well, they instantly make you look more tan than you already are and that’s always a bonus.

So why not try it out? Grab a soft brush and some light brown eye shadow (or choose an eyeliner pencil) and have fun transforming your face a few years back.


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