What to do when a storm knocks out your power

Lightning strike (flickr/Dan (catching up))

Summers in Oklahoma (and surrounding areas) are a fantastic time. They bring about allergies, picnics, lake-side fun and, of course, the ever present danger of tornadoes (and other severe storms).

The other day my neck of the woods was thrashed by a thunderstorm that produced “115mph winds” and a small tornado decided to go through the east side of town, according to muskogeenow.com, (I live in Muskogee, OK during the summers).

My house, along with the surrounding two blocks and the countless others in the city and surrounding counties, were out of power for four days. Sure, it doesn’t seem that bad but when you’re with 60+ kids in a boiling bowling alley for a few hours it’s miserable.

Also, I don’t know about where you live but, Oklahoma summers are disgustingly humid. Three nights I almost suffocated while trying to sleep.

On the first night I was electric-less I made a list of things my family could do:

  1. find flashlights, if your phone is your only flashlight try and limit the use as much as possible and only if you know if you can charge it again or if it’s an absolute emergency.
  2. play card games, they make the time fly and it gets your mind off of your current situation; they’re also pretty cheap.
  3. write something, journal out your frustration of not having power and access to video games and Netflix
  4. nap, if sleeping doesn’t help pass the time then I don’t know what will
  5. sing some songs, it’s my automatic reaction when I’m scared or nervous, it helps keep the boogeyman away
  6. hide & seek in the dark, or sardines if you’re in a big enough area
  7. take a shower, if you’ve never taken a shower in the dark now is the time to do so, unless it’s lightning outside (I’d still probably do it)
  8. listen to music, hopefully you’ll fall asleep or you be too enraptured by the melodies to think about anything else

Do you have any other suggestions for when the power goes out?


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