13 Reasons to Join Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed service fraternity that has over 350 chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico. APO is based on three founding principles: leadership, friendship and service. The fraternity started on the rules and fundamentals of the Boy Scouts of America and evolved into being something larger and for both genders. The organization still partners with Boy Scouts of America and now Girls Scouts of America as well as hundreds of organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society and Wings of Hope in Stillwater.

1. It’s a brotherhood that proves it.

You pass by your brothers on the way to class and you’ll get a high-five, a hug or even a little chat. Talking with people that have the same goals is a great stress reliever.

2. Community service is the first goal of the entire group.

Alpha Phi Omega is group based on service to the community, service to the campus and service to the nation. They are focused on helping people and each other.

3. It’s a terrific resume booster.
Having “Alpha Phi Omega” on your resume opens so many doors to potential employers.

4. Networking is easier.

When serving the community, you meet so many people that could help your future career or be there to back you up. That’s not the reason to do community service but it’s a nice perk.

5. It’s cheaper than a normal fraternity.
APO doesn’t have a house and isn’t involved with a Greek Life, you can still be in APO and a Sorority/Fraternity if you choose.

6. You make friends that will last a life time, or at least until you graduate college.

7. You get out of your dorm or your house.
You get to explore your city and find out what it has to offer and what you can do for your town.

8. You’re a part of something bigger.

Helping an organization clean up after an event makes it easier for them to plan something bigger or they gain the confidence to host a bigger event if they know you’re there to help, which leads to a bigger impact on the people who attend the event.

9. Find the love of your life.
Married couples and long-time relationships aren’t strangers to APO, you may find your next S/O.

10. Hold a leadership position.
If that’s on your college bucket list then you can cross it off. APO has numerous chair positions, from HOCO chair to Scouting chair (where you’re in contact with the local Boy Scout Troop), you will find a position that feels right for you. There is also an election each semester for the executive team, Fellowship, Service, Membership, Secretary and Sgt. at Arms are all up for grabs.

11. Your voice will be heard.
APO loves hearing people out on what projects they want to do and how often. If you want to help a cause that is truly important to you then bring it up and the Service Vice President will set up a time and place and the event will happen.

12. You will make an impact on the younger generations.

APO has worked with Coyle Schools in the past and has held events for younger people. You get to talk with them, show them around campus and what this organization is really about.

13.First Lady, Michelle Obama, is a member.

She helped charter the University of Chicago chapter in 1996.

(Originally posted on Odyssey Online)