Lady Gaga’s JOANNE – the heart mender we needed?

The singles she has released have given us different aspects of what we could expect from the 30-year-old entertainment mogul.

Perfect Illusion broke your heart but made you appreciate rock and roll and hair music. The video was a cataclysmic ride of adrenaline and concert style fun. The lyrics make you think they’re about her ex-fiance even though she assures you they’re not.

Million Reasons is the slow song that you sing when you’re no longer into the relationship and you’ve all but given up. This song is tough to listen to but it gives you hope for a revival that you could so desperately need.

A-YO is a sexual anthem that is an instant guilty pleasure song. It holds the dark allure of smoke and mirrors without too much mystery.

If these songs showcase anything of what “Joanne” will be like I will have a heart-to-heart with myself and lay in bed a smile on my face. Lady G is finally giving us the music we’ve been craving since Artpop, sorry Tony Bennet your duet album didn’t do it for me.




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