11 Things To Do After Christmas

The holidays are a time to relax, replenish and renew. It’s a time to love your family and love on yourself. But what if you grow tired of the holiday spirit and you miss the school grind (it’s possible). Being bored of your hometown after spending months away at college is completely normal. Having something to do every weekend with your college buddies becomes a routine but winter intersession gets in the way. It’s a welcome break for sure but five weeks is a lot for the ones who enjoy college life. So if your hometown gets boring, check out this list of things to after Christmas.

1. Thank your family

And/or the people who took you in for the holidays. It’s a lot of time, effort and planning to throw a party or a get-together for the family.

2. Get ready for New Year’s

Parties, outfits, fun. New Year’s is celebrating the start of a new chapter in our lives and being with the ones we love to kick 2016 out of here.

3. Get ready for school

No one likes to talk about it but it’s coming back (unless you graduated in the winter, in that case: CONGRATULATIONS). You need to have your textbooks ready (if you’re one of those who actually uses them), you need to have your notebooks (if you’re so inclined), you need to have your winter clothes at the ready but also be prepared for spring/summer weather.

4. Plan spring break

It’s not that far away if you haven’t started planning yet you should probably do that now.

5. Binge five of the greatest action series on Netflix

Check out this link and be prepared to stay up until 6 am watching your next favorite show.

6. Watch Suicide Squad – Extended Cut over 100 times

Not gonna lie, this movie is one of my all-time favorite movies and when I opened it for Christmas I freaked out. So, I’m watching it as I type this and I’ll watch it at least another 30 times before I go back to school.

7. Sleep

Class and work take up the majority of everyone’s time. Sleep now while you can.

8. Eat

Classes get jumbled up and you don’t have time to eat or you don’t have the money to eat. Eat now while someone else is supplying.

9. Spend time with your family

Show them some love and spend some time with them. Sleepovers and meals and just watching TV are quality time with your family. You’ll appreciate it later.

10. Go shopping

A New Year means a new you. A new you means a new wardrobe. Spend your holiday money on something that’ll last a while.

11. Clean your room

Donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Throw out the items that don’t bring you joy. The new year is a perfect time to start fresh.


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