Working on campus is the best choice for students

Working on campus is both a blessing and a curse. You sleep near your place of work so you’re never late, at least you shouldn’t be, but you can never really leave either. You meet so many people. You see someone you have a class with or work with someone who has the same major as you. It’s a neat experience to see like-minded people in the same close area that has passions for various things but they all still have one goal in mind – graduating college. It’s interesting to see how a strategic communications major (me) and an aerospace and mechanical engineering major (best friend) or a sports media major (another best friend) have in common. Management is another beast entirely. It’s nice to work for people who understand that I don’t want to work in this store for the rest of my life, or retail in general. You learn to be an adult and you gain real job experience when you have a supervisor or a crew of people counting on you to do your job, which rarely happens in my case.

Working on campus is great when you live in the same building complex that your job is in. On the days you don’t have class but you’re scheduled to work, you don’t have to brace yourself for a walk in the weather, you can walk down the stairs and be there in two minutes; unless you’re me and it stills takes you five minutes because the elevator is evil and you’re too stubborn to give up and take the stairs.

Working on campus usually takes away the hassle of planning for traffic and trying to find a non-existent parking space that is free or not five miles away from your workplace. Walking to work has its ups and downs but it mostly has ups.

Working for people who don’t truly care for their employees is easy. It’s a cold relationship to have but it’s doable because there are the simple pleasantries rather than working for someone you’re friends with. If you’re friends with your boss it’s difficult to leave niceties as they are and try and think of the business side of the relationship. Worrying about your personal relationship, not the dating kind, with your superior is too stressful for a job that lasts five years tops. You just have to be nice to your boss, they’ll be nice to you and you can go on your way.

When I was in high school, my first real job was at Braum’s, an ice cream and burger fast food chain. It was a horrible experience and I refuse to work for fast food again, or food in general. Looking back now I was probably being over dramatic but I only have bad memories and I still can’t willingly eat there. A convenience store is a next step in the “first job chain.” It’s still not an ideal job but it gets you money to pay off credit card bills and the Bursar. 

Working on campus has been one of the best experiences in my college career. I’ve had the same job for three years and I don’t regret it. I’ve met two of my best friends in this workplace and there’s so many great co-workers who care for your and they’re funny and they make the job go by quickly. If you can find a job on-campus, I highly recommend it.


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