I Didn’t Drink Soda for a Week and it Taught Me Self Control

This week’s challenge was simple: no soda and no desserts.

It is supposed to be simple, right? It’s straightforward and easy, there are no “is this allowed?” or the like. I’ve detoxed from soda a few times already but I always go back. Either with once a week, or once on special occasions or (when I’m home) maybe a can twice a day. My mom is an avid drinker of Diet Coke (aka watered down coke) and my dad enjoys a Pepsi -with real sugar- every once in a while. I am coke lover with the occasion vanilla thrown in. So my parents buy soda and they always think of me and what I would like when I come home. Since I’m the only one that drinks that specific soda I feel bad if I do not, but it is all self-control and lack-thereof.

Desserts are another story. I do not divulge myself after every meal but I do like the occasion “scrappy cake” or a sour gummy worms. Going without those this week was a trial. I like having the ability to eat candy when I want.

The actual challenge for me this week is self-control. I knew I couldn’t eat candy or drink soda and it made me want it more.

I went all week without it, I only gave in Friday, which is when we decided to end the challenge. It’s weekday challenge, Monday – Friday, weekends are not a part of it so I did not lose!

We also decided on having three cheat desserts. I’m not entirely sure why but you can’t just quit eating copious amounts of sugar and then stop cold turkey. I used two cheat desserts, one was an oreo brownie thing that I was introduced to by a coworker and it was sweet and chocolatey and now one of my favorite uber-sweet desserts.

I am not going to relent my daily food intake because that isn’t what matters. I just ate two of the stupid Oreo brownies and the rest of the time I ate lots of carbs and found other ways to indulge myself other than sweets.

I learned about self-control this week. I learned that I need it because, for the most part, I have none. I have known that for a while but it is about changing habits as well. Letting myself have whatever whenever isn’t the way to go through the change I’m wanting.

I also realized that I do not partake in dessert all too much when I think about it I want it but if I keep my mind off of it then I can live without it. So keeping myself busy is key to gaining self-control. Thinking back on the week I know that I can go longer without eating sweets. I do not think I am going to make it another “challenge” but it will always be in my head that I can do it and I do not need to eat candy or desserts in general. Sure something sweet every once in a while is fine but not every day. *insert thumbs up emoji*