Five Stages of Computer Failure College Students Go Through

I’m a millennial. I grew up with computers and I always thought that I could fix whatever problem I had with whatever electronic. There were a few times where I would root my android phone and add different ROMs to it or my laptop would malfunction and I could fix it via google and my technological intuition.

Today was a bad day for my computer-science-wannabe-self. I messed up laptop yesterday after a stupid decision to reset it after a failed attempt to connect to the WiFi. I don’t even understand what happened or why I did it but something corrupted my version of Windows and now I’m sitting using a borrowed Macbook Air (first world problems right?). I’m starting to calm down from my depressive state of no laptop but it still hurts.

1. Denial

The denial that your computer has the blue screen of death or won’t even turn on.

2. Hope

“I can fix it. I can fix it.” The hope for finding the cure to your broken device.

3. Denial

This step is repeated a few times during the course of the computer meltdown.

4. Expectation and Disappointment

There’s a point where you think it’s fixed or you just stop trying to make it work and you sit there expecting it work again.

5. Surrender

You finally concede the fact that you can’t fix it and you sit there in defeat while planning your route to the IT department and how to not get rain damage on your $1,000 laptop.


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