Five Reasons to Visit the Lost Creek Safari

A couple of weekends ago, a couple of friends and I ventured out and visited the Lost Creek Safari in Stillwater, OK. It’s a small hole in the wall where zoos are concerned, but it was awesome. It was interactive and a great time for college students and families alike. We got to pet almost every animal. The keepers were a wealth of knowledge and spouted relative information every chance they got. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit the Lost Creek Safari.:

1. Lost Creek Safari is better than a zoo.

The people that run it seem much more sincere, and they care more about their animals.

2. It’s smaller.

There are more animals to gawk at and fewer miles to walk in between exhibits. The keepers are also around and have friendlier smiles and seem more excited to talk to you.

3. Baby kangaroo.

They have a baby kangaroo that you can hold.

4. It’s cheap.

$5 admission and another $5 to feed them — that’s $10 for a great time.

5. It’s an adventure.

I’m definitely going to go back. I’m planning on getting my family to go too. It’s an awesome time, and for the money, it’s practically a steal


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