Seven Reasons Why Game of Thrones is Perfect

I’ve been waiting centuries for GoT to return. Now I can finally binge the whole series (again) and get sweet relief with new episodes for the next two months. It’s a sad time that Game of Thrones is coming to an end, but it’s still an exciting and fascinating journey to be on.

Here are seven beautiful reasons why Game of Thrones is an amazing series to binge.

1. Winter is Coming

The famous Stark saying is a breath of fresh air to those who are still sweating at 1 am because of the persistent heat and humidity. We’ve been talking about winter and how it’s coming and after six seasons it’s finally (hopefully) going to make an appearance. The white walkers are going to cause some trouble and we’re going to have an all out war with Dany on her way over the Narrow Sea. Cersei is going down.

2. Dragons

I’m not sure if this needs an explanation. Dragons are amazing and this show proves it.

3. Daenerys

Her character development is so incredible. She grew from a meek child into a demanding and strategic queen who knows what she wants. She commands armies and plans attacks and frees slaves. Daenerys is a beautiful human being who deserves the Throne.

4. Jon Snow

The Bastard of the North who turned into the leader of the Nights Watch and also a GoT heartthrob. He died in the most brutal and scream-worthy way and then came. back. to. life. This man will not die. Last season we had a beautiful and satisfying revelation about Jon Snow and I cannot wait to see the rest of that story to unfold.

5. Arya is a goddess.

Arya has become a lethal player in the game. She’s been through so much and witnessed too much to go back to her normal self. With her nightly mantra of her Death List, she’s on her own path of wicked destruction and vengeance and it’s astonishing.

6. Sansa

She’s finally becoming a likable person. Throughout the series, I’ve hated her and I’ve sympathized with her. Like Arya, she’s been through a lot, but it’s shaped her way differently. She’s grown colder and is (slowly) starting to become feared rather than fearful.

7. Binge-able

There are six seasons to binge. That’s a whopping 60 episodes and a little of 60 hours of Westeros and King’s Landing and incredible stories to witness before we begin the closing of one of HBO’s greatest dramas ever.


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