Look What You Made Me Do

TSwift is back with a vengeance.

Her new song is catchy and has major repetition. It has a great message if you’re into burning past love interests.

“The world moves on, another day another drama (drama), but not from me (not from me) all I think about it karma. And then the world goes on but one thing’s for sure, maybe I got mine but you’ll all get yours,” is the haunting bridge to the pre-chorus.

The song is a breakup anthem for when you feel betrayed and you want to walk in front of your old flame and feel the confidence oozing out of you.

It’s an incredible work of poppy synths and slow chant like rifts. It’s not the best work she’s ever done but it’s definitely the direction we like for her to go since her last album was outright pop and it took the world by storm.

If the Reputation album is anything like this first single we may have a repeat of 1989 coming this November.