College Bar hosts trivia night

College Bar
Devin Wilber/O’Colly

If there’s anything College Bar tries to do, it’s to be different, owner Javier Cervantes said.

Bar trivia is a Wednesday night pursuit of booze-filled fun at College Bar on Washington Street.

“We wanted to do something that was not only educational but fun while you’re out with your friends,” Cervantes said.

Groups crowd around tables and benches to put their brains together looking for answers to pop culture questions as well as questions about science and sports.

“People are way more into their groups and are focused,” Sam Stratton, a senior biosystems engineering major, said.

“We make sure that it’s a trivia that’s not just questions but questions relevant to the student,” Cervantes said. “It’s multiple choice. It’s a test type format, something that they’re used to but it’s a little more entertaining than a test you would take at school.”

College Bar has several game nights including bingo on Mondays, Mario Kart races on Tuesdays, trivia on Wednesdays and Foosball Tournaments as well as watching Rick and Morty on Sundays.

“Trivia night is always free and always a good time,” Cervantes said.


Five study spaces at Oklahoma State University you don’t know about

Finals Week is upon us, and cramming for exams is at the forefront of our minds. Here are five quiet study spaces on campus for those last night study sessions:

1. The Alumni Center not only has a designated area for students to study in but also an enormous amount of space and comfortable chairs. Just make sure you don’t fall sleep while studying, and you can get a lot done.

2. Willard Library is located, you guessed it, in the basement of Willard Hall. It’s quiet and unknown to the majority of students.

3. The second floor of the Kerr Agriculture and Food building is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Farm Road and Monroe. It’s historical, bright and essentially uninhabited.

4. Linguetti’s Dining Room, during lunch time, is connected by a half-wall and is fairly empty and roomy. It has tons of tables and chairs for you to spread out your books and notes.

5. If you live in Bennett Hall or have access to it, there is a large dining room by Fast Break that I have never seen anyone in. It didn’t look ideal for studying necessarily, because the lighting was dark. But if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a great space to occupy.

Source: Five study spaces on campus you don’t know about

10 highly caffeinated coffee drinks in Stillwater

Coffee is the perfect caffeine drive that gets us going. It helps us concentrate, gives us motivation and relieves migraines.

Here are 10 coffee drinks with caffeine kicks you can find in Stillwater, OK to help you make it through finals week.

10. The glass jars of Starbucks coffee-flavored Frappuccino’s are a great migraine reducer. It contains 9.47 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce. These are sold in most of the convenience stores on campus and around Stillwater.

9. The Granita from The Coffeehouse (519 W. 3rd St.) is another great coffee. Think of it as a coffee-flavored slushy.

8. A White Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks contains 90mg of caffeine and tastes fantastic. Add vanilla and you can barely taste the coffee, but it still gives you a kick.

7. Try a can of Starbucks DoubleShot. It contains 145mg of caffeine in a single can.

6. A 16oz Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks containss 150mg of caffeine. Steamed milk, vanilla syrup, espresso and dash of caramel is all you need to study for finals.

5. Cinnamon coffee in Café Libro is a great choice; it’s on campus and in the center of the building, where hundreds of students study.

4. The Coffeehouse also has a Caramel Latte that’s tasty and caffeine-packed.

3. Aspen Coffee Downtown (there’s three locations in Stillwater) has a terrific vanilla latte. It sells about 16,000 a year.

2. The Chainana from Aspen Coffee is a frozen chai latte with banana. It’s essentially a banana smoothie with coffee.

1. The Cortado from Aspen Coffee is just espresso and warmed milk, so you know that will keep you awake.

Source: 10 highly caffeinated coffee drinks in Stillwater

Meal prepping: The new health fad

Meal Prepping (flickr/ Taz + Belly)

The average college student eats out of convenience.

Running late in the morning? Most skip out on breakfast entirely thus making them hungrier later in the day. Lunch is another story. With the time limit of an hour or less, you pick whatever will feed you the quickest or hold out until dinner.

Dinner is the time when you can relax, eat whatever you want and catch up on all of the calories you missed out on during the day.

Preparing meals in bulk won’t only keep you happy and fed for all meals of the day, it will also cut down the average food expenses during the week. It is a good way to stay educated about what goes into your body.

College meal prepper, Tianna Hairston, spends on average $50 for a week of lunches and dinners.

“You need to spend a little more in the beginning when trying to meal prep,” Hairston said. “You need to buy the containers.”

Hairston, a sports media sophomore at Oklahoma State University, suggests buying enough containers to hold all of your meals for the week. For example, if you’re making lunch and dinner for an entire week, you need 14 containers.

Meal prepping is the cheapest way to get all of the nutrients a body needs to survive, Hairston said.

The cost of meal prepping isn’t nearly as much as a week of meals from the OSU Student Union or the Kerr-Drummond Mezzanine. Meals cost up to $10. Multiply that by two for lunch and dinner and there’s a third of what a meal prepper spends for an entire week in one day, Hairston said.

Meal prepping is a great kick-starter for weight loss. It allows you to keep track of what you put into your body. Calories, carbs, sodium, cholesterol; things that could be life or death can easily be tracked, Hairston said.

“We bought the slogan ‘America’s Healthiest Campus’ but we’re not,” Hairston said. “Our options are really limited if [we] want to have a full balanced meal.”

Stacey Allen, senior mechanical engineering major, said when you’re in the heat of the moment and you’re hungry, you just throw out the idea of making a healthy meal and opt for McDonald’s.

On the opposite side, when you eat the same thing every day you’ll start getting the mindset of overindulging yourself with the same meal and you’ll start eating less, Allen said.

“It’s like when you eat pizza every day,” Allen said. “You’re going to get tired of the same thing so you’ll only eat one piece when it’s offered; where as if you don’t get it every day then you’ll over-indulge and spoil yourself.”

Buying a certain meat, such as chicken, in bulk, you can use that to make a variety of meals throughout the week that are healthy as well as a low cost, Allen said.

A fun meal prep recipe is a grilled chicken and veggie bowl by

32 ounces of cubed chicken (pre-marinated from the night before)

There is a pack of 10 frozen chicken breasts at 20 Something

16oz cooked quinoa

16oz brown rice (sold at 20 Something)

4 cups/32oz roasted asparagus, chopped

4 cups/ 32oz roasted cauliflower florets

Feel free to add any other vegetable you want or substitute any of the above with your favorite vegetables.

Roasting the vegetables require placing them onto a baking sheet, drizzling olive oil on them and seasoning them with salt and pepper. Place the baking sheet into the oven at 375 degrees until the vegetables are tender. Time varies for each vegetable.

Remember when buying containers, they must be microwave safe. Traditional dorms have cookware available for check out.

Source: Meal prepping: The new health fad