What to do when a storm knocks out your power

Lightning strike (flickr/Dan (catching up))

Summers in Oklahoma (and surrounding areas) are a fantastic time. They bring about allergies, picnics, lake-side fun and, of course, the ever present danger of tornadoes (and other severe storms).

The other day my neck of the woods was thrashed by a thunderstorm that produced “115mph winds” and a small tornado decided to go through the east side of town, according to muskogeenow.com, (I live in Muskogee, OK during the summers).

My house, along with the surrounding two blocks and the countless others in the city and surrounding counties, were out of power for four days. Sure, it doesn’t seem that bad but when you’re with 60+ kids in a boiling bowling alley for a few hours it’s miserable.

Also, I don’t know about where you live but, Oklahoma summers are disgustingly humid. Three nights I almost suffocated while trying to sleep.

On the first night I was electric-less I made a list of things my family could do:

  1. find flashlights, if your phone is your only flashlight try and limit the use as much as possible and only if you know if you can charge it again or if it’s an absolute emergency.
  2. play card games, they make the time fly and it gets your mind off of your current situation; they’re also pretty cheap.
  3. write something, journal out your frustration of not having power and access to video games and Netflix
  4. nap, if sleeping doesn’t help pass the time then I don’t know what will
  5. sing some songs, it’s my automatic reaction when I’m scared or nervous, it helps keep the boogeyman away
  6. hide & seek in the dark, or sardines if you’re in a big enough area
  7. take a shower, if you’ve never taken a shower in the dark now is the time to do so, unless it’s lightning outside (I’d still probably do it)
  8. listen to music, hopefully you’ll fall asleep or you be too enraptured by the melodies to think about anything else

Do you have any other suggestions for when the power goes out?


The Beyhive is buzzing over new “Lemonade” teasers

Juicing lemons into lemonade (flickr/ Rob Bertholf)

I may not be a hardcore fan of Beyonce but I do love her music, her passion, and her outlook on life. She’s a wonderful voice for feminism and women in general, and she’s bringing us (girls) out of our cage.

CNN.com wrote an article about everything she’s been releasing about “Lemonade,” what it is is still a question but no matter what it’s going to be fabulous.  A favorable twitter account (@TheBeyhiveTeam) provokes the thoughts of an album movie (she made a music video for every song on her previous self-titled album), a new “Formation” video edit as well as a new album.

If this album is anything like “Formation” I will scream. Hopefully it will be released before the drive back home after finals.

What do you think “Lemonade” is? Are you hyped for Queen Bey’s new album?

Mental illnesses affect more people than we think


Olympic Swimming (Flickr/Atos)

I never considered an athlete to have a mental illness or an eating disorder. I just figured that they were perfect and were trained to not be affected by silly things like disorders and mental illnesses because it would make them weaker or something. I understand that pressure can make even the most sane person do something crazy but I just didn’t think athletes were in that boat.

A swimmer for the University of Michigan went through a mental illness as well as an eating disorder (kind of the same thing, kind of not). Eating disorders could be categorized as a mental illness but a mental illness is more than that, think of chronic anxiety that eats at you every second of the day or schizophrenia.

She overcame her illness with the help of counselors hired by the university and therapy sessions. That isn’t always the best option for people who suffer from these illnesses. Money is a terrible thing; it keeps people from getting necessary things like therapy or medical treatment.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Someone is available to talk 24/7 and they also offer a live chat online.

Remember that whatever you’re going through won’t last forever and you’re not alone.

What do the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Teen Wolf Have in common?

The Walking Dead season 5 trailer shot (flickr/Casey Florig)


They kill off main characters.

When Allison died it was a sad and touching moment, only reading the interviews afterwards was like eating ice cream after a breakup to fill the gaping hole it left your heart. Jon Snow was another memorable death, even though he’s coming back (apparently), it was a depressing scene when the Nights Watch took turn after turn stabbing him, I was yelling at the TV and I’m not going to lie I might have shed a few tears.

Don’t even get me started on the Walking Dead. It’s currently one of my favorite shows and the show runners just love killing off those we care for. I was browsing Vanity Fair and I saw an article over Daredevil and the Walking Dead. It was comparing each show and how TWD kill off main people while Daredevil makes it very obvious that when do they kill someone off they’ll be back. As soon as I read the first sentence of the article I knew I didn’t want to be spoiled so I quickly watch the two recent episodes I missed and then I continued to read on. I’ve only seen season one of Daredevil so knowing that big of a plot twist isn’t that big of a deal especially when I know the dead character will be back.

If you’re not addicted to or even slightly infatuated with one of (or all of) these shows please give them a chance, they kill because they care.

Feminism hits Hollywood again

(flickr/ April Spreeman)

Those like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Amy Adams are standing up to feminism in Hollywood. Those who don’t know the dictionary definition of the word feminist: advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. There is nothing wrong with the word feminist or calling yourself a feminist; unless you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate women and what they have to add to society. 

Feminism isn’t bad. We need it; of course I’m being biased because I am a woman. Equality for all sexes should be a human right, women shouldn’t be put down for wanting to achieve as much as men do and to be able to provide for their family as much as a man is able to.

Feminism, in this day-in-age, is a societal change that needs to be adopted.

The government shouldn’t have a say in what I do with my body

Placard from a Planned Parenthood Rally in New York City (flickr/ women’s enews)

If I want to have an abortion than it should be allowed. This is America: the land of the free! Freedom is our motto yet the government that gladly proclaims how free we are is trying to tell us that we actually do not have full control over our own bodies. Oklahoma citizens, like Thomas Hunter, believe that the right for women to do what they want should be denied, which is ludicrous. It would be slightly different if a woman spoke out and made the petition to make abortions and various contraceptives illegal because a woman would know a little more about the female body.

man knows nothing and cannot relate to what a woman would feel or go through.  They call it unconstitutional to deny a woman the right to her own body and that’s very true, The United States of America was made for the freedom of people in every aspect. Why can’t I have the choice of ruining my life for 18+ years or saving it until I’m actually ready to have a child?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Critics have a bad rep for everything

Blind Film Critic Logo 2012 (flickr/ Ben Churchill)

Critics are who we all turn to when we don’t trust something or are interested in trying something new. Critics tell you the up and up of everything; the good, the bad and the dirty on new music albums, television series and movies. Just look at this New York Times article written by critic, A. O. Scott; it’ll give you the inside of a critics mind.

The amount of trust we have for some critics is astonishing. We trust them to let us know if something is grotesque or in bad taste. We trust critics to tell us if something is award worthy or if it is going to make us cry.

I feel like we don’t express our appreciation for critics like we should, they usually save us a lot of heart break.